Our Story

Greater Omaha has been in the steak business since 1920. From pasture to plate, an uncompromising commitment to quality has been our hallmark since day one, constantly at the forefront of innovation in food safety and humane treatment of animals.

Today, we ship beef to every U.S. state and over 70 countries around the globe. And now, we ship directly to your home.

Greater Omaha is a rarity in the beef business – all of our processing is done under one roof, giving us maximum quality control. No outside vendors, no extra steps, no middlemen. And because of the quantity of beef processed every day, we deliver a consistent supply of fresh cut top-of-the-Prime grade steaks that few, if any, can match. (On average, only 3 out of every 100 cows can deliver a Prime grade).

Upon his return from World War I in 1920, Herman Cohen mustered out of the U.S. Army with $100. Herman took his modest fortune to the stockyards in Omaha, NE and decided to invest in cattle. He worked out an arrangement with a partner in which Herman would buy cattle and sell the beef, while the partner sold the hides. Herman’s word was his bond, and his reputation helped grow his business through the depression. Herman Cohen’s son-in-law, Pennie Z. Davis, joined as a partner at Greater Omaha in 1945, and would later become the president of the company.

Greater Omaha Packing would soon become a family tradition as Henry Davis joined the company following his graduation from the University of Denver in 1973. Henry would eventually become President of Greater Omaha after learning the beef business under the tutelage of his father, Pennie Z. Davis. In 1992 he made the key decision to move the company beyond its past as a carcass processor and into the future as a boxed beef and value added processor. Four years later, the new Greater Omaha fabrication plant opened to begin box beef production. The processing facility was larger, modern, and more efficient and required an increase in daily production from 800 to 1,400 head per day.

Greater Omaha continued to compete effectively in both national and global markets and soon a new harvesting plant was needed. The year 2000 brought the opening of the new plant and increased daily production capacity to 2,400 head. The plant was a contemporary phenomenon, designed with an emphasis on food safety, humane handling, employee safety and production efficiencies. Thirteen years later, Greater Omaha completed another expansion of 40,000 square feet in order to accommodate the increase in worldwide demand.

Greater Omaha Packing began offering offering fresh, never frozen prime steaks for sale direct to consumers with TenderAge® Steaks Packaging for the first time in 2015. This unique packaging allowed freshness, natural juices, and rich flavor to be locked into the finest, individually cut steaks. Most recently, Omaha, NE Premium Ground Beef, LLC was formed in 2016 and expanded the company’s value added products. A unique feature of the ground beef processing operation remains the exclusive use of Greater Omaha Packing trim and other inputs, assuring a consistent high quality product.

Throughout every expansion, technological update and advancement, Greater Omaha has remained true to their original dedication of providing the highest quality product to consumers. Greater Omaha Packing looks forward to continuing this tradition into the future.