Food Safety

Greater Omaha is dedicated to producing the safest and most wholesome beef product available in the industry today.
Our harvesting plants are some of the most sophisticated beef processing facilities in the U.S., and utilize the best in modern industry technology to remove bacteria. Our processing departments were designed and built to accommodate proven intervention systems as they continue to develop. This allows us to always be on the forefront of the best production practices. We employ a multi-hurdle concept with twelve separate processes, each of which is a validated pathogen intervention procedure. These steps include: controlled atmosphere, steam vacuums, hot water and acid rinse cabinets, and steam pasteurization cabinets. The industry views each of these methods as viable steps in pathogen intervention. Used in a multiple-hurdle configuration, they are extremely effective.

Comprehensive audits are conducted by a third-party who is an international leader in food safety. Anti-microbial testing is performed by a world-renowned AOAC approved and accredited third-party laboratory.

For additional information please contact:

Angel Besta
Technical Resource Manager

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