High Country Meats

As the needs of our customers have continued to evolve, Greater Omaha has also expanded to better serve those needs. We now have specialized divisions providing expert service in many areas. High Country Meats—a wholesale meat distribution company filling the needs of retailers, jobbers, further processors, hotels and restaurant suppliers in Colorado and surrounding states—was added to Greater Omaha’s distribution team in 1994.

High Country Meats
8001 E. 88th Ave., Suite C
Henderson, CO 80640

Phone: 303.291.0800
Fax: 303.291.0668
Toll Free: 800.416.1668
Website: HighCountryMeat.com
Email: Steve Montague, VP Sales/Marketing

Greater Omaha Express, LLC (d/b/a GO Express)

Since established in 2006, GO Express—Greater Omaha’s own contract carrier trucking company, specializing in the transportation of refrigerated products and dry goods—has focused on providing the highest levels of customer and employee satisfaction. GO Express operates in 48 states, coast to coast, satisfying a variety of needs. No matter what level of service you require, GO Express has the staff, equipment, technology, and experience to fulfill your expectations and improve your bottom line.

Greater Omaha Express
4626 Dahlman Ave, Omaha, NE 68107

Phone: 402.731.8009
Toll Free: 888.809.4757
Website: greateromahaexpress.com
Email: General Inquiries

TREX Corp Inc.

TREX Corp Inc, a global export company, was formed to assist in growing Greater Omaha’s market share worldwide. TREX, located in the San Francisco Bay Area, focuses on exporting American beef to Asia.

As its business has evolved, TREX was fortunate to expand its supplier base to leading meat purveyors in Mexico and Canada. Specialty meat products have been added to its product offerings and TREX now imports and distributes Japanese wagyu.

851 Burlway Road Suite 400
Burlingame, CA 94010

Phone: 650.342.7333
Fax: 650.342.8333
Email: General Inquiries | Mark Melnick