A Note from Our CEO

Greater Omaha Packing has been in the high-end beef and steak business since 1920 when my grandfather, Herman Cohen, started buying the best meat he could find in Omaha, Nebraska, one of the largest livestock markets in the world. He competed against the biggest and best meat companies in America for the finest cattle. He left my family a legacy built on an uncompromising commitment to quality that has been our hallmark ever since.

I grew up walking the cattle pens of the Omaha livestock market. We would walk by hundreds of cattle to select the very best every day. I stood with my father, Pennie Davis, observing the USDA graders in our plant as they stamped the grading code on each carcass.

Since becoming President and CEO, it has been my utmost priority to continue Greater Omaha’s tradition of providing top-quality product. To ensure that we carry on this tradition, I have overseen the implementation of the most advanced technology available. We have installed a digital grading process and software algorithm to remove any subjectivity involved in the visual grading process of our product, as well as a packaging system that vacuum seals each fresh, never frozen steak.

As Greater Omaha continues to expand, our dedication to quality and innovation remains my guiding principle. I look forward to continuing to provide customers with the absolute best beef available on the market, just as I was taught by my grandfather and father before me.

—Henry Davis, President and CEO